lightgbm.early_stopping(stopping_rounds, first_metric_only=False, verbose=True)[source]

Create a callback that activates early stopping.

Activates early stopping. The model will train until the validation score stops improving. Validation score needs to improve at least every stopping_rounds round(s) to continue training. Requires at least one validation data and one metric. If there’s more than one, will check all of them. But the training data is ignored anyway. To check only the first metric set first_metric_only to True. The index of iteration that has the best performance will be saved in the best_iteration attribute of a model.

  • stopping_rounds (int) – The possible number of rounds without the trend occurrence.

  • first_metric_only (bool, optional (default=False)) – Whether to use only the first metric for early stopping.

  • verbose (bool, optional (default=True)) – Whether to log message with early stopping information. By default, standard output resource is used. Use register_logger() function to register a custom logger.


callback – The callback that activates early stopping.

Return type