Attempts to save a model using RDS. Has an additional parameter (raw) which decides whether to save the raw model or not.

saveRDS.lgb.Booster(object, file = "", ascii = FALSE, version = NULL,
  compress = TRUE, refhook = NULL, raw = TRUE)



R object to serialize.


a connection or the name of the file where the R object is saved to or read from.


a logical. If TRUE or NA, an ASCII representation is written; otherwise (default), a binary one is used. See the comments in the help for save.


the workspace format version to use. NULL specifies the current default version (2). Versions prior to 2 are not supported, so this will only be relevant when there are later versions.


a logical specifying whether saving to a named file is to use "gzip" compression, or one of "gzip", "bzip2" or "xz" to indicate the type of compression to be used. Ignored if file is a connection.


a hook function for handling reference objects.


whether to save the model in a raw variable or not, recommended to leave it to TRUE.


NULL invisibly.


library(lightgbm) data(agaricus.train, package = "lightgbm") train <- agaricus.train dtrain <- lgb.Dataset(train$data, label = train$label) data(agaricus.test, package = "lightgbm") test <- agaricus.test dtest <- lgb.Dataset.create.valid(dtrain, test$data, label = test$label) params <- list(objective = "regression", metric = "l2") valids <- list(test = dtest) model <- lgb.train( params = params , data = dtrain , nrounds = 10L , valids = valids , min_data = 1L , learning_rate = 1.0 , early_stopping_rounds = 5L )
#> [1]: test's l2:6.44165e-17 #> [2]: test's l2:6.44165e-17 #> [3]: test's l2:6.44165e-17 #> [4]: test's l2:6.44165e-17 #> [5]: test's l2:6.44165e-17 #> [6]: test's l2:6.44165e-17
saveRDS.lgb.Booster(model, "model.rds")